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Pick from our existing library of interactive digital signage templates. These include professionally created kiosk menu boards, building directories, interactive menus, product selectors and much more.

GPU powered smoothness

We take performance very seriously. We compile the SignagePlayer to each native platform's runtime. This ensures that we can take advantage of GPU processing and deliver scrolling feeds, transitions and user responsiveness that is like no other solution. With our interactive digital experience, users feel the same responsiveness they are accustomed to, just like any other native iPhone or Android app; no delay, no jitters.

Drag and drop design

Use the Studio to drag and drop your favorite components including radio buttons, checkboxes, lists, numeric steppers, input fields, labels, menus, carousels, shopping cart and many more. Tie it all together with GPU transition and effects and create a professional looking kiosk application; and best of all, zero coding skills are required. Use the flexibility of scenes to create any type of layout and build a dynamic business logic which caters to your organization's needs.

Collect analytics

Generate detailed reports so you can easily measure the effectiveness of your interactive campaigns. Measure clicks at the resource level and get detailed measurements. Cross reference the entire data set against your sales to get a real world view of your ROI.

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But How?

How it Works

A brief overview, an event based architecture

At the core of our interactive digital signage solution are scenes. Scenes are the building blocks which allow you to create the design you are looking for. Simply drag and drop touch components into a scene and wire each component, for example a button, to fire an event when pressed. Events are global triggers which other components can listen to, and react to corresponding events which they are interested in. Use data providers to get live data from multiple sources including our cloud, dropbox or even your own backend servers, and bind these data providers to the same events. To see just how easy it is to setup, be sure to checkout the video to left.

If you feel that you need assistance, don't worry, just ping our live chat team, or let our professional design team create an interactive signage presentation for you.

The Rundown


Build a Kiosk application using a modern platform

With our Studio you will simply drag and drop your favorite components, such as buttons, checkboxes, lists and more and build an interactive digital application that your customers will love. Our Studio enables a “what you see is what you get” experience like no other. Your design creations looks identical in both StudioPro and SignagePlayer, so there are no surprises. Create an unlimited number of interactive applications under a single campaign. Our solution was designed to target your specific goals with real objectives in mind. Built to handle multiple deployments, measure results, and capture leads, it is the scalable solution perfect for technical and nontechnical individuals.

User touch controls

Select from a range of UI controls including text inputs, radio buttons, dynamic buttons, checkboxes, sliders, scroller, carousel, steppers, soft keyboard, switch, form, shopping cart, image sliders and more. All the controls use a common interface, making building a dynamic kiosk app as simple as point and click.

Virtual keyboard

Our built-in virtual keyboard ensures a smooth integration with user input regardless of which device or operating system you use. The soft keyboard is 100% customizable so you can create any type of keyboard layout you like. Do you need a numeric keypad, do you wish to support limited keys or design a keyboard with unique behavior? all are simple to do with the virtual draggable keyboard.

Shopping cart

Allowing your customers the ability to place orders directly on your interactive screens will ensure a streamline experience that can reduce wait times and help your bottom line. The included shopping cart allows for simple product management and even includes multi screen live synchronization. What this means for you is that your customers place orders, your employees can track the items and prepare the product in real-time.


The touch solution also includes over a dozen different themes. Designed themes target both mobile as well as desktop devices so you can rest assured your UI components will always look great. The touch interface and all the layered themes were created entirely to be processed on the GPU; this enables a real time responsiveness from UI controls regardless which theme you use or how elaborate you configuration is.

Animation and transitions

If you really want to deliver the wow factor, make sure you take advantage of animation and transitions. Animation enables you to create element animation that can happen upon your triggers fire. Animation is often used to suggest to your user of a particular action that has taken place and it is an invaluable part of any kiosk solution. Pick from existing set of transitions or create your own via 2D and 3D property settings.

Data providers

Data providers is a way to bind to remote information that can exist anywhere including our own cloud, AWS, your own private server, dropbox and others. This means that your screens are always relevant and can retrieve as well as post user changes to and from any data repository.

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For designers

Designers can create a fully branded solution and deliver a product to their clients which they can both maintain and refactor over time. Digital interactive signage has become a popular continuous source of income for designers world wide. With our kiosk solution we help promote this venture by allowing designers the ability to fully brand the entire solution and by incorporating all the tools designers need to create a sophisticated application which they can support over time.

For resellers

Just like our Digital Signage product, the interactive solution opens the doors for resellers and enterprise alike to continue and up-sale the product and create an entire business solution with added offerings, white label and custom support of the product. Best of all, we do not charge our enterprise members any additional fees for interactive digital signage, so what are you waiting for? go sale something! It’s easier than ever to create and manage an interactive touchscreen application. StudioPro's drag and drop simplicity and professionally designed templates, allow you to quickly present your content in a stunning and beautiful way.

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awesome templates

Restaurant order taking

Coming soon | 100+ pre-created templates

Create personalized menu boards for each table at your restaurant. Have your customers order directly at the dinner table and synchronize their choices with your order taking system.

Building directory

Coming soon | 100+ pre-created templates

Look no further, click and play building directory will help your visitors find their way around. Filter by business name, occupants or any other category you like.

Hospitality concierge

Coming soon | 100+ pre-created templates

Get your guests excited and help them find all the cool local excursions with this simple point-and-click menu navigation system.

Retail product selector

Coming soon | 100+ pre-created templates

Your customers will fall in love with your store thanks to this amazing easy to use catalog selector. It’s all pre-created for you so just swap out the content and get ready to amaze your shoppers.

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